Aussie Shows, New Album “Love Is The Greatest Rebellion”

Hi Friends,

Writing to announce a few shows I have coming up in the next couple of weeks in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart. I’ll be at the Basement in Sydney on 6/28, Howler in Melbourne on 7/2, and I’ll be performing as well as conducting a workshop at the Festival of Voices in Hobart on 7/5. I hope to see you at the shows!

I’ve almost finished making a new album called “Love Is The Greatest Rebellion” that will be out later in the year.

It felt like the right time to let you guys in on some of the new songs as a bit of a preview to the new album.

For those of you for whom my forays into the impressionistic psychedelia of my last album “Ayahuasca: Welcome To The Work” was a little hard to grasp—you may be pleased to know that this new album is full of (gasp) pop songs!
With choruses! :)

Anyway, I’ve put a little trio together of Dave Rogers on guitar and Sophie Koh on keys, and we’re all getting excited for these gigs. Come along and hear some brand new tunes, some old tunes, and absolutely no versions of anything on the frozen soundtrack (parents of little kids will understand).

Big love

Ayahuasca: Welcome To The Work – New Album Out Now!

Purchase Ben Lee’s new album “Ayahuasca: Welcome To The Work” on Itunes.

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Ben Lee launches his newest album “Ayahuasca” with a meditative experience/sonic journey into this musical prayer cycle.

More of a “consciousness event” than a traditional rock concert, Ben will take the audience through a performance of the entire “Ayahuausca” album – with maybe a few pop songs at the end for “dessert.” Please bring a cushion and an open mind/heart.

05/07/13- 7:30pm PST; Los Angeles: Besant Lodge

05/18/13- 3:00pm EST; New York City: Stanton Street Yoga

05/18/13- 7:00pm EST; New York City: Stanton Street Yoga

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Ben Lee Performs “The Will To Grow” On Sunrise

In case you missed it, HERE is Ben Lee performing “The Will To Grow” off his new album New Album “Ayahuasca: Welcome To The Work” Available May 14th!

New Album “Ayahuasca: Welcome To The Work” Available May 14th!

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Ayahuasca: Welcome to the Work is Ben Lee’s ninth solo album, and perhaps his most controversial to date, focusing on his experiences with the South American psychoactive brew. We discuss this odd moment in Ben Lee’s career, in which he has released his least commercially-minded record to date, while being drafted in as a mentor for the top rating television series The Voice, as well as looking back over his varied and storied career. Read more..

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Hey friends – check out this new web series I’ve started “DEEP TALK IN THE SHALLOW END: POP CULTURE FROM A CONSCIOUSNESS PERSPECTIVE”. Share if you are inspired!

“Catch My Disease” Q&A with Filter Magazine

“Who wants to watch their lives retold to them on a regular basis?”
It’s hard to say that a phone conversation with Ben Lee is like chatting with a friend of yours, because your friends are never that honest. You can never ask your buds about the pain of seeing an ex-girlfriend or their deepest beliefs about religion, spirituality and family, but with Lee, these are the only topics that he wants to talk about.

The 90’s indie-pop Aussie has had a lot of practice airing these issues thanks to the new film documenting his life over the last decade. Starting out as just a small art-house film by a couple of friends, Amiel Courtin-Wilson’s latest documentary, Ben Lee: Catch My Disease, is an incredibly straightforward and honest portrayal of the pressures of fame on young visionaries and the steadfast relationships they build.

Beginning his career at age 14 in the critically acclaimed punk band Noise Addict, yearning for the acceptance and love as a pop star, and ultimately learning about inner peace and the power of spirituality, the film shows Lee in a very raw, yet endearing form. Catch My Disease “stars” Lee and his group of close personal friends who just happen to be some of today’s most popular people: Jason SchwartzmanMichelle WilliamsZooey DeschanelThurston Moore andMike D, as well as Lee’s ex-girlfriend Clare Danes.

Lee caught up with FILTER to discuss what it was like to have a film made about his life, the reception of his friends and family and to make sure that his twitter handle was mentioned. Don’t worry @benleemusic, we’ve got you covered. Read The Q&A at Filter Magazine.

Also be sure to check out a stream of the entire film below courtesy of HULU!