Hi guys – I’ve loved doing house concerts whenever the opportunity has come up, but I’ve never found a way to formally organize them. I’m excited to try this site as a means of doing just that.

Leading up to the June 2 release of my new album “Love is the Great Rebellion” I’ll be playing old and new songs, taking requests and enjoying the ambience of your living room.

I’m first going to try this out in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Fe and Ojai – if it works Id love to try it around the world. If any of these dates work for you in the towns I have mentioned, follow the link to set up a profile and send through the details of your proposed house gig – I’ll try to make it happen!



Under 100 tickets left to see Ben, live from his house in Laurel Canyon, perform a concert, take requests and answer questions.

Anyone who saw the last one knows how much fun these are. You can watch the show and interact with Ben all in real time.

This live concert will take place on April 3 at 8pm LA time (thats April 4 at 2pm Sydney time). Tickets are $20.

Dont wait. Purchase now at

A Mixtape From Ben Lee

Hi friends -I’m excited to announce the release of A MIXTAPE FROM BEN LEE, available today at https://amixtapefrombenlee.bandcamp.com.It’s a collaborative album, produced by Squeak E Clean, featuring a whole new album of never-before-heard songs I have written, performed by artists such as Zooey Deschanel, Ben Folds, Azure Ray, Sean Lennon, Luke Steele, Angie Hart, Neil Finn and others.

The MIXTAPE recordings are available on a “donate what you want” basis, beginning at $1, with all proceeds going to the Q’ero Project, which supports the basic needs and development of the Q’ero people of Peru.

This project is facilitated by a non-profit I have worked with since 2013, Inkarri Cultural Organization, which supports the conservation and development of the Q’ero People and their spiritual tradition.  For more info watch this video! https://vimeo.com/120511013

In more exciting news, today marks the announcement of the impending release of my next solo album, and first album for Warner Bros. Records, “Love is The Great Rebellion” out later this year.  The first track to be released off that album will be “Big Love”, as a Record Store Day single, out on April 18.

So lots of music coming out this year, starting today! Lots of fun shows starting to get planned as well. Many new adventures.

Thank you for your continued interest and support, and I hope you enjoy the new tunes.

Big love to you all!


Aussie Shows, New Album “Love Is The Greatest Rebellion”

Hi Friends,

Writing to announce a few shows I have coming up in the next couple of weeks in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart. I’ll be at the Basement in Sydney on 6/28, Howler in Melbourne on 7/2, and I’ll be performing as well as conducting a workshop at the Festival of Voices in Hobart on 7/5. I hope to see you at the shows!

I’ve almost finished making a new album called “Love Is The Greatest Rebellion” that will be out later in the year.

It felt like the right time to let you guys in on some of the new songs as a bit of a preview to the new album.

For those of you for whom my forays into the impressionistic psychedelia of my last album “Ayahuasca: Welcome To The Work” was a little hard to grasp—you may be pleased to know that this new album is full of (gasp) pop songs!
With choruses! :)

Anyway, I’ve put a little trio together of Dave Rogers on guitar and Sophie Koh on keys, and we’re all getting excited for these gigs. Come along and hear some brand new tunes, some old tunes, and absolutely no versions of anything on the frozen soundtrack (parents of little kids will understand).

Big love