Ben Partners With Pledge Music For New Album, “Ayahuasca: Welcome to the Work”


I am excited to share with you the news of my upcoming album “Ayahuasca: Welcome to the Work”.

As the above video explains, the album is designed as somewhat of a sonic diary of my experiences with the South American healing medicine Ayahuasca.

The album is designed to reflect the inner journey – dynamic and joyful, meditative and tender, playful and experimental. I only hope the music contains some small portion of the deep nourishment that I have experienced from the plant medicine.

A pledge to support this album will mean supporting both the promotion of this music and its message, but also two very significant causes who will be the beneficiaries of 100% of the album artist royalties: MAPS (the Multi-Disciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies) and the Amazon Conservation Team.

I will be making available to pledgers a variety of exclusives throughout the campaign, such as behind-the-scenes interviews and conversations about Ayahuasca, demos and photos unavailable to the general public.

Thank you for your support

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